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See "Future 2018 Show Dates" • October and November Show Dates have changed. Please make note!

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Next Show: Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 @ 4PM - "NO BLING" SHOW

Class Sheet / Premium

The Class Sheet/Premium has information about the Show, Date, Time & Location, Classes listed in order and the names of the Judges for each months show, appropriately. The Class Sheet is usually available for download about 3 weeks before the show date. Just click the button saying Premium - Start Here.

The Sept Premium has been posted!

See Noteworthy News > Az Horse Lovers Park Membership Required

September 8th Show Patterns:

  • Ranch Riding - #4
  • Ranch Reining - #1
  • Western Riding - #1

AQHA Ranch Riding Pattern Downloads

Entry Form

The Entry Form should be filled out and mailed along with your check a week before the show to "pre-enter" or bring it with you to the show. Pre-entry saves you and us time in the show office so there is a little discount for Pre-entry. The appropriate Entry Form will be available for download for each show,


You may choose to show under one or more judges by indicating so on your Entry Form. "Schooling": You may also choose not to be judged at all and would like to "school" your horse. There is a schooling entry fee per horse per class.

September 8th is a NO BLING SHOW - Dress Code is: Long Sleeve Shirts, No Jackets, Chaps, Bands and Hoof Black are OPTIONAL!

Sept 8th is a Double Judged Show held at AZ Horse Lovers Park 

"Good Things to Know"


  • 2018 High Point Standings (thru May) have been posted. Point Standings button is in About Us section.
  • Old: October 14, 2018  Changed to: October 21, 2018 – Sunday 9:00 am  
  • Old: November 11, 2018  Changed to: November 18, 2018 – Sunday 8:00 am (Triple Judged show)       
  • See below: important info on Arizona heat and your horse!
  • "NO BLING" shows! (Usually May and September) Dress Code is: Long Sleeve Shirts, NO Jackets, Chaps, Bands & Hoof Black are Optional. You may show in work or show saddles and Bridles. Nylon Halters are acceptable. Western Hats, English Helmets and Boots are REQUIRED.
  • Concessionaire/Food Vendor available at all shows.
  • Don't forget the new class #12b Leadline - Ages 7-9. It's always been about the kids!
  • Ranch Horse division classes have been grouped closer together near the end of the show; class #37, 45, 46, 47 & 51.  Class #37 will typically start around: 2:00 - 2:30pm day shows - 9:30 - 10:00pm evening shows

Future Show Dates - 2018 ••• *See *Date Changes

All Show Dates are tentative until confirmed either by website announcement or newsletter.

  • September 8, 2018 - 4PM - No Bling!
  • * October 21, 2018 - 9AM *
  • * November 18, 2018 - 8AM * TRIPLE JUDGED
  • December 9, 2018 - 9AM


2018 Year-End Awards Banquet

February 17, 2019

Noteworthy News

• Benefits of Horse Therapy

Interesting article on horses and human interaction. Click to read

• Keeping your horse cool during Arizona summers

Summer is a great time to ride, but summer heat can be dangerous for horses, resulting in dehydration, lethargy, and general malaise. Severe heat stress can even cause diarrhea and colic.

In a release issued June 17, 2016 Janet Johnston, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, ACVS, an emergency critical care veterinarian at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center, offers the following tips to help keep your horse healthy and cool as we approach the long hot summer:

1. Choose cooler turnout times. If your horse has a stall, but is turned out for part of the day, provide turnout during the cooler hours. Overnight is ideal, but if that’s not possible, have the horse go outside as early as possible during the day. 

2. Provide shade. If your horse lives outdoors or if he must be outside during the day, provide relief from the sun. A run-in shed is best. Trees are a source of shade, but as the sun moves, so will the shade; ensure that, regardless of the time of day, the trees are offering shade.

3. Move the air. Fans are a great way to help keep the air moving in the barn, but use them wisely. Always ensure that your horse can’t get a hold of cords and plugs.

4. Mist your horse. If you are fortunate enough to have a misting system for your horse, use it. As moisture is absorbed from your horse’s skin, it will take away some of the heat. Frequent mistings are far more effective than a single dousing with a hose.

5. Provide fresh, cool water and an electrolyte source. Make sure your horse has plenty of fresh, cool water. A bucket hanging on a pasture fence will get warm and the water will no longer be appealing. If you are providing clean, cool water and your horse doesn’t seem to be drinking, then encourage it by providing a salt block, or even by misting hay with salt water. If your horse is sweating a great deal, water laced with electrolytes can help keep its body in balance. Whenever you offer electrolytes, however, be sure to offer a second source of fresh water, as well. Not all horses will drink electrolyte-laced water, so providing a source of water without them will ensure your horse keeps drinking. Also, too many electrolytes can be harmful.

6. Slow down the work. Don’t think that because your horse has been working intensely at 1:00 p.m. every day that it can take the heat when the temperature tops 90°F. If you have to work your horse in the heat, lighten the work or spread it out over a couple of short sessions. This is especially important when the humidity is high, contributing to the poor quality of the air your horse is breathing. Cool your horse down slowly, and offer frequent sips of cool water. Take the tack off as soon as you’re done and sponge the horse off again with cool water.

7. Stick to a schedule. Within the parameters of keeping him cool, try to stay as close as possible to his normal schedule. Too much change at one time can be an invitation for colic.  

8. Avoid sunburn. Horses, especially white horses, can suffer from sunburn. Even those with white socks and blazes, pink noses, or hairless patches from scarring can be susceptible. Consider using a fly sheet to help protect white or gray horses from sunburn. Using a fly scrim can help. In addition, applying sunblock to small, particularly vulnerable areas can be effective. Staying out of the sun’s harmful rays will, of course, be best.

9. Clip horses with longer hair coats. Clipping can be important. While some coat can provide protection from the sun and insulation, a long, thick coat tends to hold heat and makes it difficult for the horse to cool down. Be careful not to clip the hair too close.

10. Know your horse and signs of heat stroke. Heat stroke can happen anytime your horse is exposed to excessive heat that his body cannot handle. Heatstroke can happen if exercising in hot conditions, but be aware that it can also happen if standing in a hot stall or trailer.

You should know your horse’s normal temperature, heart, and respiratory rates. To find the heart rate of a horse, simply find a pulse and count the beats for 15 seconds, then multiply that number by four, which will give the beats per minute. Count the breaths per minute in a similar way.


Signs of heat stroke can include:

  • An elevated heart rate that does not return to normal in a reasonable period of time;
  • Excessive sweating or lack of sweating;
  • Temperature that persists above 103°F;
  • Depression and/or lethargy; and
  • Signs of dehydration: dry mucous membranes, poor capillary refill, and poor skin turgor. (elasticity of skin) 

If you are concerned that your horse is suffering from heat stroke, call your veterinarian immediately and get your horse into a cooler environment.

• Concessionaire At Shows

Lilly's SW Eats is new to our shows since 2018 and have done a great job meeting the wants of our Exhibitors. They will adjust their menu offerings for day or evening shows. If there are some menu items you just have to have, meet up with them and discuss it.

• Az Horse Lovers Park

Venue Information/Memberships - AzHLP requires that all exhibitors have a membership or day pass to ride on park grounds. Daily Passes or Annual Memberships are required! Annually we have scheduled approximately 9 shows at Az Horse Lovers Park. 

Day Passes $5.00 per individual rider or handler

Individual Annual Membership $35.00 (good thru 12/31/18) 

Family Annual Membership $60.00 (good thru 12/31/18) - (family members are those currently living in your household who will be riding or handling horses at the park). 

  • Horse Lovers Park accepts cash or checks for membership

  • OR print and mail your membership form (from the link below) 

  • Memberships can be obtained at the park during regular hours

  • Cards will be ready for pick up a week after membership dues are paid

Click HERE for Membership info and forms for Horse Lovers Park

***Memberships purchased October 1st, 2017 and after continue to be valid until December 31st, 2018*** 

Map to Az Horse Lover's Park  

• All Shows are PAC and ACAAP approved

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The Olden" Days

Blue Ribbon Horse Shows has been hosting Open Breed Horse Shows since 1969.  It has always been a family event and as time has gone by our family has only grown. Technology wasn't even good back then but the cowboys, cowgirls and horses were and boy did we have loads of fun!

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Year-End High Point Awards

At the end of our show season we host an Awards Banquet that is unmatched by other local show clubs. Points are tallied all year, February thru December with the Banquet in January. Food, Live Music, Dancing, Awards and more Awards! Plan to be there next January.

Point standings are posted for viewing, after several shows throughout the season and as time allows for staff. Check out your 2018 standings 

 Year-End Award Winners (any place 1st - Last) get your name entered in Blue Ribbon Raffle drawing. at the banquet if you are in the Western division for a Blue Ribbon Custom Tack Western Show Saddle, and then there are separate drawings for those in the English divisions for an English Saddle and the Halter divisions for a Silver Show Halter. Must be present to win. Previous raffle winners are disqualified from winning the same raffle in future years. You must attend the banquet in order to receive your Awards.  

Blue Ribbon is more than Horse Shows

Blue Ribbon Custom Tack®  is a custom manufacturer of the finest quality western saddles and accessories. Established by the Habighorst family in 1973, Blue Ribbon Custom Tack® is located in Phoenix, Arizona and specializes in building western saddles designed by horsemen, for horsemen.

Blue Ribbon stands for beauty, quality, durability and expert design. We combine traditional, old-world craftsmanship with unique customization and selections to offer you the finest custom tack available. 

All of the Blue Ribbon western saddles are manufactured in our store in Phoenix by dedicated craftsmen and your order is personally handled by the owners. Visit our store and if you can't - Visit our site!

Awards or Recognition for a Club or Event

Blue Ribbon Awards specializes in School & Corporate Awards, Team & Individual Awards.
We are and have been a family owned and operated business since 1972.

Our family and staff take personal initiative to make your Awards truly special. During our 30 plus years  servicing the Phoenix area and built our reputation with trustworthy business relationships, high quality merchandise and on-time delivery.

Whether you are in need of Ribbons, Trophies, Medals, Plaques or Corporate Gifts, you will find that we strive to make you another "happy Blue Ribbon Customer".

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