Blue Ribbon Horse Shows (Open Breed) - Rules & Regulations rev. 1/18

*** Halter Incentive for 2018 *** 
One halter class will now count towards a horse/exhibitor combination's Daily High Point awards and Year-End awards in 1 division, except Leadline.
The horse must be the same horse that you're showing in that division. You MUST specify which division/age group you want the Halter Points to count towards at each show! Even if you think your horse is not a halter horse, by going in the halter classes you'll have an opportunity to earn additional points at each show! 


AQHA - Rules & Regulations - Ranch Horse


Please see the Ranch Horse Class Descriptions below:

Ranch Horse Conformation - #37
Horses are to be shown in hand with a nylon, leather, or rope halter without braided or banded manes and no tail extensions. Horses will walk to the judge one at a time, stop, setup, and then trot off into a head to tail line. The judge will look at your horse from various angles and evaluate the horse’s structural correctness, balance, and functional ability. The horse should look as though it would perform cutting, riding, working cow, and trail classes.

Ranch Rail Pleasure - #45
This class consists of an individual “pattern” that may consist of “reining” type maneuvers and no rail work. It will primarily be judged on the rider’s position in the saddle, leg, and hand position, confidence, poise, and ability to precisely maneuver their horse throughout the pattern. The horse’s head and neck should be carried in a relaxed, natural position, with the poll level with or slightly above the withers.

Ranch Horse Riding - #46
This class is primarily judged on the horse, with the idea that the horse is “ranch” type or working horse. Exhibitors compete all together in the class on the rail and may be asked to walk, jog, lope, or perform extension of any gait, reverse the direction of the horse, stop, roll back, counter canter, and back up. The horses will be judged on quality, adaptability, and consistency of movement while staying well mannered.

Ranch Reining - #47
Ranch reining measures the ability of the stock horse to perform basic handling maneuvers. This is what the judges are looking for in ranch reining: “To rein a horse is not only to guide him but also to control his every movement. The best reined horse should be willingly guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance and dictated to completely.”

Ranch Trail - #51
The horse/exhibitor must maneuver through an obstacle course in order to show a horse’s ability, willingness, manners, and grace in negotiating the course. Obstacles may include: going over logs (flat or elevated) at a specific gait, gate, bridge, tarp, slicker/rain coat, mail box, picking up objects, tight turns, narrow passages, weaving, backing, and side passing. The horse will be judged at a walk, trot, lope, or extended trot.




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